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Pipe and profile production line
Pipe and profile production line
Pipe and profile production line
The body material of the device is made of St37 steel. The material used in the gate shaft is made of VCN150 steel with high precision heat treatment by induction method with a total hardness of 44 ~ 46 HRC. (CASTIRON)
Product cutting system 1. cold saw 2. Friction saw depending on the order
Welding table top sheet holder 1. Manual 2. Pneumatic
Adjust the height of the gates 1. separately (old method) 2. With gearbox at the same time
Guillotine sheet head 1. Manual in sheets up to 2mm thick 2. Automatic
Soap water cooling system In addition to cooling distilled water induction welding system by adding a plate converter
Line description Ball holder: The same coil holder is responsible for maintaining and feeding the coil to the spiral. The specifications of the company's line ball bearings include pneumatic and hydraulic. Pneumatic ball bearings are used for small lines and which have low weight coils up to 2.5 tons, and hydraulic ball bearings are used for coils weighing more than 2.5 tons. Of course, the manual type of ball catcher is also used for heavy coils, but due to its obsolescence, it is produced if ordered by the customer.
Welding table: The main task is to maintain the beginning and end of the coils used for the line for welding the valve, which is produced in pneumatic type. In lines where the thickness of the consumable sheet is not more than 2.5 mm and the coil width is not more than 300 mm Sheet cutting is installed on the welding table and in larger sizes, automatic guillotine is used.
Spiral: or the same capacitor and bank whose main task is to maintain and store the sheet so that when the coil on one side of the ball bearing is finished, there is enough opportunity to weld the ball bearing plate on the other side and the production line continues to operate non-stop during the welding operation of the boiler Spirals made in the company are made in two types of rotating floor and rotating roller. In the rotating floor type, a gearbox motor is used and the whole spiral floor plate is rotated, but in the roller type, 8 electric motors are used to move 8 Spiral floor rollers are used, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Forming table: Forming table consisting of sheet straightener, guides, gates, gearboxes, welding clamp guide and pleated clamp varies depending on the size and type of line, the number of requirements used. Cooling: After welding, the pipe becomes very hot and in order to be properly formed, it must be cooled to some extent. It is responsible for cooling the pipe, which is processed by soap water (soluble oil) inside it. will be done.
Sizing table: Like the forming table, it consists of a gearbox guide gate, which also has at least four tracks. The task of the tracks is to smooth the cross section and stabilize the product size.
Automatic cutting saw: The task of automatic cutting of the product to adjusted lengths and is one of the sensitive and effective points of the line in terms of speed, and in most cases the speed of the machine can move at a higher speed. But because the saw cannot cut and you produce the line at a lower speed. Cutting saws are of two types, fire and cold cutting, both of which can be produced in the company. Regarding cold cutting saws, due to the mechanism of this type of saw, the production of this machine is very difficult, and for the first time in the country, Foolad-e-Mashin Company has succeeded in making this type of saw with acceptable speed and tolerance.
Dock packaging vault: The product is guided into the vault by the guided parts and is strapped by the package and is ready to be delivered to the warehouse.