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Shotblast Machine
Shotblast Machine
This machine is used to clean and rough small, medium and large parts with high efficiency. In this system the parts which are put on a Suspension Conveyor System insert into the cabin through the side surfaces and after being cleaned, they are removed from the opposite site. To prevent the exit of abrasives from the system at the inlet and outlet parts as well as the hanging path on the roof of the device, anti-wear rubber liners are used.
Monorail shot blast machine
Single rail hanging blast machine, which acts as an open ring, is used to clean large structures and parts with indeterminate shapes. Parts such as columns and hangars, crane bridges, large industrial beams, construction frames, etc. can be easily cleaned in this system.
Conveyor shot blast machine
This machine is used for cleaning small industrial parts with a large number. The basis of the work is a closed loop system that consists of several different stations that rotate alternately on a closed conveyor path. In the first station, the parts are loaded on the conveyor, in the second station, the loaded parts are shot blasted, and in the next station, the shot blasted parts are unloaded from the hanger, and this process is repeated continuously.