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Soap water filtration
Soap water filtration
Reduction of metalworking and cooling fluids by 80% Increasing the life of cold rolled molds due to reducing the amount of oxides and hard materials present in the process and increasing the quality of the environmentally friendly product due to the classification of metalworking liquids as special waste in accordance with national and international approvals. The signature of the Islamic Republic has also been received) Ease in collecting and cleaning the work environment and related machines Reducing the time to perform the mentioned tasks as a result of increasing work efficiency in the presence of impurities (chips, iron oxide created by rust, mud and soil, etc.) in the industry Cold rolling can be referred to the sludge of the molds, which affects the principle of cold rolling operations (forming and sizing) and changes the shape of the mold and lowers the quality of the product without control. Therefore, cold rolling line molds can always be clean and free of any scale and impurities. In the presence of impurities (chips, iron oxide caused by rust, mud and soil, etc.) during the production operation in the induction welding and cooling stages, a problem arises.
This device is used to separate soap impurities and is used in cold rolling mills, series lathes, etc. in which soap water is used. The basis of the device is based on the separation of impurities in the liquid. Circulating soapy water in equipment or any industrial machine that uses metalworking fluids for cooling or lubrication, any sludge from the process.
Space required for installation of 5 * 2 m plus 2.8 * 1.8 m space for installation of a tank with this capacity is required. It is worth mentioning that if high capacities are required, the tank space will increase accordingly. Specifications:
Ability to purify metalworking liquids with a nominal capacity of 2000 lit / h