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Molavi Machine Manufacturing Company
Design and manufacture of industrial machinery and equipment
molavi Machine Manufacturing
About us:

Molavi Machine Manufacturing Company Molavi Machine Manufacturing Company has started its engineering and construction activities in the following areas since 1981:

- Hot rolling machines

- Cold rolling machines

- Casting machines

In recent decades, the advancement of technology and rising standards of consumption, has forced industry owners to take basic steps to raise the quality level of their products.

At a glance, the goals of this machine can be summarized in the following points:

- Design and manufacture of machines with the best quality and use of the highest quality parts

- Quantitative and qualitative upgrades of machines according to the latest achievements of the world

- Gaining the trust and satisfaction of customers and respecting their expectations

- Considering customer comments and suggestions in designing machines

- Providing appropriate services and technical support to customers in all parts of the country